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5016 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137

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Home Services

Friendly PC saw a need for residential computer repair services in Omaha, just like the rest of the US. We realize you don’t have a neighborhood IT department, so the issue is…who the heck do you call? Do I really pack up my monitor and tower and haul it to the store? There’s a simpler way to deal with your at home computer issues. Call Friendly PC!

Business Services

Omaha is home to over 20,000 businesses and every one of those businesses need IT support. While a great deal of these organizations have their own IT departments or even outsourced support, we realize that small and medium sized businesses depend on Friendly PC to be there when things aren’t running like they should.

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Be Informed About Your Technology
7 Ways to Speed Up Your PC

PC hardware continues to become more efficient and faster with each new version, but every operating system is fallible. As fast as our desktop or laptop computers can be once they’re up and running, the initial delay after we press the power button can sometimes seem to go on forever. Here at Friendly PC we […]

Your Data Backup Options

Options to backup your personal or professional files, pictures, data, music and programs were previously limited to onsite storage options like external hard-drives, flash-drives (also called thumb-drives) or CDs. However, times have changed and so have the options you’ve got available to protect your work. Cloud storage or online backups have quickly become a norm […]

Common Business IT Issues and Your Strategy to Combat Them

At Friendly PC, we’ve worked with dozens of SMBs in the Omaha area. We have a respect and understanding of just how hectic and busy the professional lives of these business owners and leaders can be. In a small business, you have to wear a lot of hats, and sometimes IT strategy and security can […]

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