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Advantages of Gaming on a Desktop vs. a Laptop

The PC gaming world has been weighing the options between a laptop versus a desktop for years now. Gaming laptops have become way more powerful and narrowing the gap faster than ever over the years, but can they really out-duel a desktop? We will be slugging this out between the two and see which comes out victorious.


Laptops have been inching closer to filling the divide by increasing power and performance. Obviously, you can go purchase a dual powered GPU option. But you’ll never be able to cram as much power as a desktop can provide without breaking the bank. Overall, laptops are just not as reliable due to the fact that they overheat easily and need a lot of cool air intake and exhaust for all that heat. Eventually this will cause some components to melt and be jostled loose. In general, desktops are much more reliable in terms of power, performance, and upgradeability.

Laptops are often difficult and sometimes impossible to upgrade. Whereas you can often just pop a new component into a desktop and be playing again in minutes.

We are not here to completely toss gaming laptops to the side, there are still some great advantages in utilizing a laptop that a desktop just can not provide. Laptops are becoming thinner and lighter, plus they come with a built-in keyboard and monitor. Last time we checked, people love free stuff. A desktop is bulky in size and weight and–don’t forget–you often have to purchase a monitor, keyboard, and mouse separately.


In the beginning, 2.5-inch laptop drives had limited storage space. However, laptops have evolved over the years, providing a reasonable amount of storage for a decent cost.

As we look at the advantages of a desktop in reference to storage this is almost a laughable discussion. A desktop’s storage is all about how many SATA inputs you can access. When you think about how easily you can increase your storage to 4TB by simply mounting a new drive and connecting a SATA cable, it’s a no-brainer that a desktop takes the cake and plate on this one.


Desktops are still the clear cut option when it comes to gaming compared to a laptop. Even though gaming laptops have increasingly narrowed the gap over the years and have some clear-cut advantages, at the end of the day as a gamer, you want speed, strength and storage.

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