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The Benefits of Local Remote IT Support

Small businesses often turn to the most tech savvy person in the office to handle any computer problems. That can work for a little while or for more common issues, but it is not a sustainable solution. Outsourcing your IT needs can help diminish the cost and burden on your team so you can get back to business.

Here are some things to consider when searching for the best remote IT support solution for your business. 

Remote support is cost effective.

Hiring an on-site IT employee is expensive. Apart from their wages, there is additional overhead cost. When those costs are added up, the same amount is likely to cover a remote support solution for many months.

If you ignore the high cost of an on-site employee, the resources a remote solution has access to and can apply to your needs is just as valuable as the money you’ll spend. 

To put it simply, a remote IT solution can provide you with more for less. That is true for the size of the team as well. Your budget may allow a single on-site hire, but the same budget will make an entire team of specialists available to you at any time. Whether your technical problems are because of old software or malfunctioning machines, a remote team can handle it all.

A remote IT specialist doesn’t need your computer to fix an issue

The beauty of remote IT support is they don’t need to be in the building to fix a problem. While you and your team continue working, they can virtually use your computer and solve the problem without taking time away from your business. 

If your work is not done through a computer or your team isn’t experienced at explaining computer problems, remote support can walk through the problem with your team as well. They will see exactly what your team sees and fix the issue much quicker with far less confusion. 

Train your staff on software upgrades and new features virtually.

Even if you have a technologically fluent workforce, small changes to your hardware, software, and policies can present challenges. As an owner or manager, you want to make sure your team understands all of the upgrades. A remote team can fully train everyone on the day of installation through live virtual training. 

Friendly PC offers more than just remote support.

Our specialists know every computer problem can be different, and Friendly PC has more than just remote solutions to get you up and running. You can choose between a flat monthly rate, remote only support, and prepaid support. Not sure which is best for your business and team? No worries, our specialists will chat with you and suggest the best solution for the support you need most. 

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