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Common Computer Problems only a Specialist can Fix

The internet is inundated with articles on how to solve every common computer problem that one can think of. Forums and comment threads even contradict the articles they follow with multiple ways to tackle issues and often get heated about which is the best solution. While authors and commenters are correct that most issues can be solved at home, there are plenty of common computer problems that require a specialist to fix.

Fixing your computer on your own may seem like the best option; but for some problems, letting a computer specialist or repair technician handle it makes more sense. 

Computer problems can affect both software and hardware but it can be difficult to know if the cause is one or both. For that reason, if you experience any of these common computer problems, you should contact a computer repair specialist. 

Blue Screen of Death

Windows 8 and 10 Blue Screen

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is one of the most common problems to occur on PCs. It is often one of the most difficult to fix. 

For computers running Windows 10 operating system, a blue screen means an unexpected problem has occurred and caused the system to forcefully stop. The BSOD is most often due to a hardware malfunction or an issue that is driver-related. 

In many cases, a STOP or error code is shown below the main message indicating what the problem may be. A computer repair specialist will be able to run a series of diagnostic tests that will give them additional information and know what the correct solution is. 

Unresponsive Operating System

This problem is usually a result of malware or viruses being placed on your computer. You likely aren’t able to execute commands or run software with much success. 

Most computer repair specialists and technicians will suggest a full reboot of your computer. This would include wiping it of all its current data, files and programs, then reinstalling the operating system. This job is best left to professionals so that you know all of your files will be safely backed up and placed back on your computer. 

Once repaired, the specialist will likely suggest installing antivirus software and malware protection. 

Graphic Errors

Windows Graphic Error

Graphical errors happen all the time. There are many different reasons your computer screen may be all mixed up or distorted; loose cables, outdated drivers, and/or damaged components or monitors may be what is giving you trouble. You should first test your computer with another monitor to see if any of these issues is the cause of your problem. 

If the error remains while using a new monitor and/or cables, it is possibly due to a software issue. At this point, you’ll need to contact a computer repair specialist. They will have the necessary expertise and testing equipment to troubleshoot and fix any graphical issues. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Our Friendly PC repair specialists have seen nearly every problem in the computer world. If you can’t get things to work, take a step back and give us a call. Heck, if you already know what the problem is, check out our specials. We bet there’s an upgrade we can help you save some cash on.