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Do Space : Omaha

Everyone has that go-to person they call when they have a tech question.  A mom calls her son when her to learn how to connect to her new wi-fi.  Windows platforms change every few years with new features that might take some time to sort out.  Did someone gift you a Kindle and you don’t know about any of the features?   If you’ve ever felt lost with something technology related and didn’t know who to turn to, you can now turn to Do Space.  Do Space is an amazing technology center that offers education and access to technologies.  Do Space is a non-profit run by the Community Information Trust , whose goal is to let anyone who wants or needs access to technology have it.  It offers a wide range of classes or even one-on-one mentoring to help answer those technology conundrums.  It gives everyone the opportunity to learn and engage with new technologies.  Think of it as a library for technology newbies and lovers!

You must become a member to access Do Space; however, once a member you can reserve any number of computers for an hour at a time to work on any exciting tech related project you can imagine.  You can even check out technology such as scanners, tablets and laptops.  Most amazingly, members have access to the 3-D printing lab where they can create and print whatever their imagination dreams up.

Coming up this month are some exciting classes and events for any age.  Littles Lab helps preschoolers explore STEM (Science, Technology, Enigeering, Math) activities while Cyber Seniors offers answers about mobile devices for those who grew up during a time before the internet.  Do Space is even working on technology programs that will make technology more accessible for those with visual impairments.  Check out their class offerings here:

If you are looking to learn something specific outside of their wonderful schedule of classes, you can request a mentorship.  A mentor will be selected specifically for you and your project.  You get to work one-on-one with an expert to help you with your innovative idea.  In fact, you don’t need a new idea, you can simply want to brush up on a topic.  If you prefer one-on-one face time, the mentorship is a great option!

Maybe the greatest part about Do Space is the membership program: IT’S FREE!  You simply have to register and you can receive your free Do Space membership.  Once a member, you can access the amazing computer lab, technology check-out, 3-D lab and printing amenities.

Now, if you already are a technology guru and don’t need assistance, think about volunteering!  You could be a mentor to someone who needs that little push to be able to grow and learn in the technology world!