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When to Fix Your Computer & When to Replace it

Computers are a vital part of a company, and when productivity comes screeching to a halt because of a computer issue, you are faced with a decision -fix or replace your computer? Before making a rash decision there are a few things that you should consider that could very well end up saving you’re money, or help you spend it wisely.

Understand the Value

When you are making the decision to fix it or replace your computer, you should familiarize yourself with the value of it. A simple Google search will usually give you a solid idea of how much it’s worth currently. If you want an expert opinion, we’d be happy to give you an estimate.

Let’s say you’ve been quoted the fix on a two-year-old computer to be $200, but you could get a newer model for $400. You’re first thought may be “newer is better”, right? Not always. New computer models definitely have some parts and specifications that have improved since your computer purchase, but not all of its individual parts may be different from the computer you’re considering to replace. Some of those parts are very affordable. Others aren’t. The best way to know the current and potential value of your computer is to know which parts are the problem child.  

Diagnose the Problem

Most computers have pre-installed diagnostic features that allow the machine to check itself for errors. If your systems check shows a hardware problem on a newer computer, repair is likely to be a good option. If the problem isn’t clear you can read our article “Why is My Computer so Slow?” to find out what other issues could be affecting your machine.

Age is a Factor

The older the computer gets, replacing it may be the more logical and cost effective option. Always consider the age of your computer when deciding to fix it or replace it.

The standard advice, until recently, was to purchase a new computer every three years, but every computer is different based on type and frequency of use. You can reasonably expect to keep a business workstation in service for five years or more. That being said, we often hear, “It does everything I need it to do”, so customers don’t believe that replacing their computer is necessary. In some cases we would agree, however, customers might not know what they’re missing. They may not understand the efficiency or compatibility with other tech of a newer model.

Find the Right Solution for You

Knowing whether to fix or replace a computer is a case by case scenario. When you know that you have a problem, you might not always know of a solution. Here at Friendly PC, we would love to help you find the best solution to your specific situation. We understand the importance of having your computer running at optimal speeds, and want to get you back to what you need to be doing as quickly as possible! Drop by our store or request a service call today!