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Gaming PC or Gaming Laptop – Which is Best?

Gaming PCs and gaming laptops each have pros and cons – so how do you choose? The obvious two factors to consider are price and portability. And we get it. You’re about to spend your hard-earned money and want to get the most out of it. 

When it comes to gaming, it’s all about the experience. The game you choose to play is only a small part. Where you intend to play, the lighting, the speed of your machine and the graphics your computer can produce can all create a stunning experience, or just frustrate you endlessly. 

Apart from the cost and size, there are a number of things to consider before making your choice between buying a gaming laptop, or building a gaming pc. We’ve written down some of these factors to see how they compare. 


Most of us feel comfortable in a specific space and position when playing our favorite games. I’m a tall guy which means I usually start cramping up when I have to constantly stare down at my screen. You might feel more at ease when you’ve got some elbow room, or a larger mouse or touchpad. 

Unlike gaming desktops, laptops come with built in displays, touchpads, keyboards and speakers. Sure, you can absolutely love one of those built-in features but you might not feel as comfortable with another and end up replacing it with an external device. 

  • Display – Most laptops are limited to about 17-inches and 60Hz refresh rates. Great if you looking for a traveling option, but not ideal if you’re looking to have higher resolutions. You’ll need an external monitor with higher specs for that. 
  • Mouse/touchpad – using a touchpad for most games just isn’t helpful. You’ll almost definitely want a sturdy, multi-fuction mouse for both a laptop and pc. 
  • Keyboard – Gamers usually prefer mechanical keyboards for gaming. They allow smoother clicks, and a bit more space for your fingers. It’s rare for a laptop to include a mechanical keyboard, and you’ll likely end up buying it separately as well. 


Serious gamers require high-level specs for their machines. The first hardware spec that many gamers will consider when making a purchase is GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. A GPU alters memory to rapidly create images. 

High-end graphics cards favor PCs because they are larger and fit inside desktop computer towers more easily. Cramming a large graphics card inside a laptop create other problems too. 

  • Temperature – GPUs get hot, especially during constant use. Laptops don’t have as much space to fit a robust cooling system needed for higher-spec graphics cards. Desktops are the better option if a high-end GPU is your preference, you’ll have much more space and configurations to suit your graphics card needs. 
  • Speed – Smaller GPUs means reduced speed. The limited space of a laptop means that those GPUs are easily outmatched by larger desktop varieties. 

Your choice should ultimately be based on what you would like your gaming experience to be like. If you want a portable, easy-going game session a gaming laptop may be just what you need. If you want to become a serious gamer and put some hours in, a desktop may serve you much better. It’s safe to say that gaming desktops are the better choice overall when you want performance. 

FriendlyPC carries some of the top products for desktop gaming. Check out our inventory or call and ask us how we can help build the best gaming setup for you. 

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