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How to Design a Family Friendly Computer Space

Our children live in a world of technology, they are surrounded by it, pushed to use it for almost everything and eventually start to crave it. At its core, the internet is a wonderful tool that can answer nearly any question and open up the world to our kids, but it’s also filled with inappropriate content, little security, and predatory users. Creating a family friendly computer space can be part of the solution to protect your children, while embracing technology so they can travel the world online.

Choose Your Friendly PC Wisely

Every family friendly computer space needs a computer that fits your family’s needs. Before you get caught up designing the space as a whole, you need to carefully think about what kind of computer will work best for your family. 

The overall size of your space or desk may sway your decision. A laptop or Chromebook takes up far less space, and can make room for notebooks and school work. However, the portability of laptops might not be idle. Kids may carry it off, and you (the responsible parent that you are) won’t be able to keep an eye on the content the kids are watching, playing or engaging with. 

A desktop computer is larger and more difficult to move around. You can be sure it will stay in your family friendly computer space, where you can keep an eye on your child’s work or play. Desktops are often best for remote learners as a regular workspace helps them stay focused on school work. 

Already got your family computer on hand? Be sure to check for updates to the operating system and install security software to protect your family and information. Not sure where to start? Contact Friendly PC and our technicians will help you clean up, speed up and protect your family. 

Pick a Focused Space

Once you’ve chosen the computer your family will benefit from most, it’s time to set up the perfect space for everyone to focus in. Small or full homes don’t often have the luxury of designated work spaces like an office or extra bedroom. It just means your computer space may be the corner of the living room or share the playroom.

You’ll want to choose an area that’s not too cramped so your family has some elbow room to work, has plenty of light (preferably natural light from a window or skylight), and where it can be viewed easily from other areas of the house.

Create Ground Rules

Now that you’ve chosen your space and family computer, you’ll want to lay some ground rules. You know your home and family best, so think about each person’s schedule and what they are using the computer for. If little Timmy is remote learning and has an 8-3 class schedule, hang a daily class schedule in the space so your family can respect little Timmy’s time. 

Don’t be afraid to enable parental controls. They are meant to help you set healthy limits on internet use and time spent on screen. Setting a turn off time for kids during the evening can boost healthy sleeping habits and help you get them prepared for a routine. 

Do your research. Check website and app age limits, and security settings on social platforms. Enable safe search on Google. Most importantly, speak with your children so they know how to be safe online.