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I Give Up. What is Google Drive?

Do you find yourself just nodding your head when people start talking about “Drive”. You know people are sharing this thing with you and you know that it has something to do with Google, but that’s about it? Sit back, relax and learn a little something about Google Drive.

What is Drive?

Google Drive is a place to store files and information. Users can simply use Drive for personal storage, or use the synchronization service. Drive allows users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators in real time.

How Does Synchronization Work?

Multiple people, from anywhere with internet access, can edit the same file at the same time and see those changes reflected in the open document in real time. If collaborators work on a project at different times, they can still follow an activity feed that shows all changes made in their shared Drive folders and files.

Oh, and if we lost you at “cloud”, go ahead and start here.

How Does Access Work?

You can also grant level of access. For instance you may way to share a read only document, or you might have certain folders that can only be shared with certain people. You are in total control over which parts of your Drive are accessible by others and what level of accessibility they have.

Can Anyone Use It?

Anyone with a Gmail address has a Drive and can be granted access to other Drive folders. Because Drive is a Google product, the user must have a Google address.

Okay, So Where Is It?

So, the finding Drive part isn’t one of Google’s best moments. If you don’t know where to look for your Drive folder, you’ll be searching for a while. You will see 9 little boxes in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail home screen. When you click on those, you can choose “Drive”. Voila, you’re in.

In short, Drive is a rad service that Google offers that makes storage, collaboration and organization a breeze. They offer ample storage space for the average user, and you can always pay to upgrade your space to unlimited, which is pretty fantastic for people who need to store and share larger files like videos.

If you have anymore questions about cloud storage or Drive in particular, we’d love to help you out. Stop by or call anytime! There’s no problem too big or too small. 402-965-3300