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Increase Profitability and Efficiency with Managed IT

Using a computer that doesn’t work correctly isn’t just frustrating, it’s bad for business. Computers are the main resource for business management today because of their ability to do a lot quickly and handle lots of information safely. We’ve done away with notebooks and ledgers because they are inefficient, but we’ve opted for computers that can slow down and break often. If your business hasn’t put an effective support structure in place to face these challenges, it’s likely you are spending money where you don’t need to and your employees are losing time and efficiency doing what they do best.

In this article, we talk about why and how managed IT services can increase your business profitability and efficiency.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are a way for businesses to outsource maintenance and repairs of computers and computing equipment to professionals. Typically, managed IT service providers offer remote monitoring and support, network security, and data backup and recovery solutions.

Essentially, the managed service provider, or MSP, creates a support system in which they can detect and solve issues prior to employees or staff realizing there was a failure. Managed IT services are a proactive approach to IT management and have become the industry standard for large and small businesses.

Benefits of Managed Services

Predictable Low Cost

Compared to the traditional break-fix IT model where your business would pay additional expenses after a problem has occurred, the managed IT model is a core cost of the business, therefore making it a much more predictable cost with better results.

Small businesses benefit the most from managed IT services because the up-front cost is immensely lower. An in-house IT department can cost tens of thousands of dollars in wages alone and the traditional break-fix model often means hardware must be replaced more frequently resulting in more expenses than a low monthly retainer fee to solve problems before they affect hardware or software effectiveness.

Traditionally, a business would need servers, computers, power supplies, software, hardware and more to run complex computer systems. MSPs provide all of these resources at a much lower cost because they run cloud-based systems, where the hardware and storage is off-site and likely more secure.

Minimized Downtime

Downtime is the amount of time lost when computer issues affect your employees and their ability to do their work.

Software freezes, hardware fails, emergencies and disasters happen. There is no way to stop that. However, by taking a proactive approach to IT management, you can ensure your business is prepared for the worst-case scenario. You may even be able to avoid some of these completely.

Security and Data Protection

Creating secure systems that properly protect your business data and your clients’ personal information is a complicated process. Security and data protection is particularly difficult because regulations and compliance are regularly updated to include advances in technology and processes, and it can be difficult to keep up with every policy. Managed IT services take on this responsibility for your business so you know your data is always safe.

Friendly PC recognizes how important affordable, efficient information technology management is to every business. Call us today at 402.965.3300 to see how we can help keep your business on track, your data secure and help your team get back to work.