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5016 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137

What’s on Your Back To School Shopping List?

Pencils, paper and backpacks are always on “Back to School” to shopping lists – this year parents are expected to spend $138 on school supplies. But, added to that list are technology and gadgets that are becoming more and more of a necessity to be a successful student. It is estimated that 60% of parents are expected to purchase an electronic gadget and mobile device – averaging nearly $700 this year. While plunking down that much money might give you pause, don’t worry, Friendly PC can help give you a run-down of the best tech for this school year.

If your student is in need of a computer, you’ll want to consider a laptop. Laptops are great since they are often lightweight, portable and can be more affordable than your standard desktop. There are so many options out there, what should you be looking for when you shop for your student’s laptop? If your student will likely be using their computer mostly for word processing and research, there’s no need to have serious processing power. For your student, you’ll want to find something that is lightweight and small, easily transported in their backpack from class to class. Although you’ll want to find something small, it should still be sturdy. It will have to stand up to the rough treatment that the daily journey to school will give it. You’ll also want to check the battery life to ensure that the laptop can power itself for the duration of the school day. We have a selection of small and sturdy laptops that won’t break the bank and can get your student through the school year (and hopefully the next few!)  

If you want to keep that laptop in good condition, you’ll want to get your student a backpack that has some protection for the computer. In the past, laptop bags were easily spotted because, well, they looked like laptop bags. In the last few years, some great styles have emerged that combine function and fashion. This list includes great options for shoulder bags or messenger style bags. There’s an option for every student to help keep their laptop safe and secure.

If your student relies on a smartphone to keep in contact with you (and obviously for school reasons, too…), you might consider adding a solar powered charging unit to their school supplies. They can keep this in their backpack or locker for emergencies. There are quite a few options out there, with the Waka Waka being one of the frontrunners, there are options for every budget. If you have a power drainer (or someone who simply forgets to charge their gadgets overnight) there are solar powered charging stations for laptops, as well. These; however, are quite a bit more money and are pretty bulky for your everyday student.

Finally, if you need to keep tabs on your student’s internet time but still give them the storage capacity they need, you might consider a portable storage device rather than access to cloud storage. Something simple like a USB jump drive will allow them to transport their papers and assignments from device to device. If your student has access to Wi-Fi, but you have limited what they can access, The Egg can be a great option. The Egg from Eggcyte gives you the ability to store files from any device and access them at anytime. If your student needed to access a presentation to display to the class from the teacher’s computer, The Egg would allow them to share files from anywhere – even if they left it at home! It’s a great alternative to cloud storage.

For your back to school needs, stop by by Friendly PC for repairs, rehabs or new equipment!