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Online Life Hacks

Online Life Hacks

Let’s be real, nowadays, it’s all about making life easier, in any way, shape or form. Whether that’s at home, at work or online; there’s always a quicker, simpler and probably way easier way to do things that once you find out you’re all like, “why on earth have I not thought of that yet?!” So, let your friends at Friendly PC make your online life a little easier with these online life hacks. You can thank us later.



Do you ever feel like your life could use some more organization? Evernote has got your back. This free, cross platform, easy application is intended for notetaking, organizing and archiving. Basically, you create a note in the form of any formatted text, a complete webpage or a webpage excerpt, a picture or a voice memo. These notes can also have file attachments. Your notes can be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched or even exported as part of a notebook. You can also collaborate and share what you’re working on with other people anywhere in the world in real time.


IFTTT (if this then that)

This nifty online life hack, IFTTT, connects all your apps together, so they work best for you; making your life easier. Your connections in this app are categorized as “recipes”; Do recipes and If recipies. These conditional statements are triggered by changes to your other web services (things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and go a little something like this… Do recipes run with just a simple touch and allow you to create your own personalized button, camera and notepad; basically a customizable shortcut to all your apps. The if recipes are more along the lines of “if I do this, then do that” (as the name implies). For instance, you can create a recipe for an email message to be sent if you tweet a specific tweet using a certain hashtag. Or let’s say you’re tagged in a facebook photo, you can create a recipe that automatically uploads that photo to your cloud based photo storage. Talk about a recipe for life.



Boomerang is basically a simple email reminder service powered by Gmail. This pretty cool little tool allows you to remind yourself to send emails and schedule them to be sent at a later date. It’s an extension you will have to download to your Gmail account, you can do so here. Aside from those two main features, you can also remind yourself to follow up on an email sent if you haven’t heard back from the recipient in a specific time frame; note, you can only select to be reminded of this feature if you haven’t heard back from the person. Boomerang is also mobile friendly, so wherever you are, as soon as you remember…and then need to remember again, just Boomerang it!

Tiny Scan

Don’t let the name fool you, Tiny Scan does big things! Say bye-bye to fax numbers and opening and closing that obnoxiously big scanner that sits on your desk or in your office because this handy app allows you to take a picture of an important document and send as a PDF straight from the app on your mobile phone to whomever you need to send it to instantly. You can also upload the doc to your Dropbox, Evernote, or your Google Drive&Box. It is an app you will need to download from whatever app store you use. You can get it on Google Play here. Or you can get it for iPhone here. While there is a free version, we recommend you shell out that extra $4.99 to really take advantage of the service; trust us, this one is a life saver.


Pretty cool, huh?! We thought so, too. If you know of any online life hacks that you think we should know about leave us a comment; we’d love to hear about it! Until then, remember, why call a geek when you can call a friend 🙂