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5016 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137


There is a password epidemic happening in the world today. We have entered a time where it seems like everything requires a password. The majority of the population is having issues remembering the numerous logins for every account we set up from Amazon to zTrip.

Until now, users could either create easily-remembered passwords or write them on sticky notes taped to their monitors, which is not the greatest strategy to secure protection. In 2016, over 4.2 billion records were exposed. The number of reported data breaches exceeded 4,000 and 53.3% of them were the results of hacking.

How can you secure your data’s safety without having to remember unique passwords for every site and application on every computer and browser used at home or on the job?


Cyclonis Password Manager has come to save the day against login access denied frustration. Once you download the app and create your master account which will encrypt all of your other data sources. Yes, we know what you’re thinking – ugh another password to remember.However, this will be the only password you will need to remember moving forward.

Cyclonis Password Manager will collect all of your account information by scanning through every browser and website. Once all the data is compiled, it will analyze each password to ensure strong security. Clyconis invites users to create a digital “wallet” which will encrypt personal documentation and payment information.

Download your free versionof Cyclonis Password Manager and cure password anxiety for good.

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