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Forget Sticky Notes. You Need a Password Manager.

This post was last updated October 2020.

In order to fully access nearly every website you visit, you will likely be required to create a user account and set a password. The problem is, the human brain is not great at keeping track of these. We don’t use most passwords often enough for them to stick in our minds. We typically manage passwords in two ways. 

We either create easily-remembered passwords or write them on sticky notes taped to their monitors, in a notebook or even on a Word document. These are not safe strategies to secure protection. In 2019, more than 7.9 billion records were exposed because of data breaches. We assume setting a password means we are safe, but that isn’t always enough to protect us from cyber criminals.

How can you secure your data’s safety without having to remember unique passwords for dozens of web sites and applications on every computer and browser used at home or on the job?

You Need a Password Manager

Password Managers are applications that store them for you within an encrypted database. This means your login credentials have an extra layer of security, protecting them from hackers more effectively than most websites and your sticky notes. Password managers even help you create strong, hard-to-guess passwords using a random generator. 

You are probably used to having your internet browser save your passwords for you, plugging them in whenever you visit a site you have an account with. We get it. It’s easy, it works. But,  most current well-known browser’s password managers are far less secure than other top products out there. Google Chrome’s password manager for instance, doesn’t require two-factor authentication to prevent unwanted persons from using your credentials even if they’ve gotten a hold on your password.

Which Password Manager Should You Choose?

Well, that’s a question only you can truly answer. However, PCMag has just released their top free password manager picks for 2020. The article covers which products they believe offer the most protections, features and affordable prices. While you can sign-up for a free version of many password managers, you’ll be best protected under a paid account. Trust us, security is worth every penny. 

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