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Setting Up a New Computer

Did you get a brand new PC for Christmas? Congratulations! A new, high-powered gadget is one of our favorite holiday gifts, so we know how excited you are to get your new computer set up. We’re here to help! Today, we’re going to explore the steps for a seamless transition from an older computer to your latest technological treasure.


Safety first

The very first consideration in your transition should be security. Make sure your old PC has undergone a full system scan for malware. You should also make sure your new PC has a good antivirus solution installed, and run a full scan there, as well. Read our “Introduction to Antivirus Software” post to learn more about antivirus software.


Getting rid of bloatware

Next, and before we begin installing programs and adding your personal files to your PC, it’s important to remove any unnecessary software that the manufacturer may have installed, called “bloatware.” You can do this manually via Windows’ built-in “Remove a Program” feature, but this sometimes leaves behind fragments of uninstalled programs deep in the system. Powerful programs like Revo Uninstaller do the dirty work for you, and make sure these programs are fully cleaned from your system. Others, like Should I Remove It, automate the process and even provide advice about which programs are safe to remove – remember: you never want to uninstall a program before you know it’s safe to do so!


Syncing files

Next, you’ll want to transfer all of your important files, including photos, documents, music, and videos. If you have an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or SD card of sufficient capacity, you can transfer the files manually, or you can use cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to sync your files from one computer to another in the background – all you have to do is install the appropriate app onto both PCs, copy your files into the syncing folder, and just walk away! The syncing program will transfer all of your files on its own while you spend some quality time with your family.


Transfer browser settings

Web browsers are probably the most-used programs on our computers these days, so personalizing the browser on your new PC is absolutely essential to loving your new machine. Thankfully, two very popular browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, offer the ability to sync all of your bookmarks, settings, and add-ons across devices. Others, like Safari and Opera, can sync simple features like bookmarks and browsing history, but don’t offer the ability to sync other settings.


Now, all that’s left is to install the programs you love, and you’re off to the races! Unfortunately, there’s not much help in this area; while programs exist that will help you transfer installations from one computer to another, it’s generally better to install fresh versions on your shiny new laptop or desktop. It’s worth it, we promise!


And remember, if you need help with any of this, we’re here for you! Get in touch with Friendly PC and we’ll help make sure your computer is always in peak running condition.


Happy New Year!