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Limited Time Specials!

Windows 10 upgrade options

Windows 10 Updated Special

Upgrade you old computer: $141

  • Preinstallation hardware test for compatibility
  • Check for viruses & malware
  • Update 3rd party software
  • Full upgrade with necessary updates!

Upgrade the hardware & remove infections: $399

  • Windows 10 Upgrade included ($141 value)
  • Switch to a lightning fast solid state drive!
  • Removal of viruses & malware
  • Cloning of the original drive

Get that new PC you’ve always wanted!

  • If we can’t upgrade you to Windows 10 from now until December 31st, buy a new computer from us and we will set it up for 50% off!

Everyday Specials!

Solid State Upgrade

Receive a 250gb SSD upgrade including labor for $249.99

1 Year Remote/Phone Tech Support

Covers technical questions and remove support for application repair and operating system cleanups. DOES NOT cover hardware failure, data recovery and operating system reloads. Plan offers 20% off labor onsite or in shop. Coverage begins date of invoice. Covers up to 3 computers in your home.

Monthly Specials!