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5016 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm | Sat & Sun: CLOSED *These temporarily reduced in-store hours are due to us doing our part to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Thank you for your understanding.
(402) 965-3300

Tech Gift Ideas for Mom, Dad, and Grad

‘Tis the season to buy gifts for everyone and their brother. This time of year can get a little frantic with all the gift buying going on. Picking out the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but Friendly PC is here to help. “Tech Gift Ideas” does not mean buying an iPhone 6 for everyone. Tech gifts can actually be thoughtful, useful and budget friendly.

Mom & Dad

Streaming Stick: Chrome Cast, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Stick -These are all pretty amazing little gadgets that plug into your tv’s HDMI port. You can either access movies, tv and music through downloadable apps, or stream directly from any of your smart devices.


We’ve heard very comparable reviews of these products -they all have their glitches, they all have their strengths. One selling point for the Amazon Fire Stick is that you receive a free 30-day Amazon Prime membership. Installation and operation are extremely user-friendly. has a great comparison chart for you here. Photo courtesy of CNet.

Tablet or E-Reader: We would always recommend going with a tablet, because they can function as an e-reader but have far more capabilities. The only time just an e-reader makes sense is if you know the recipient will not use the other functions of the tablet. Newer e-readers are also far easier to read in the sun, which tablets continue to fail at.


This is the perfect gift for any bookworm mom or dad. Additionally, you can get them gift cards for following occasions to purchase more books. Photo courtesy of Kindle.

Wearable Fitness Tracker: These are all the rage right now and they are the perfect tech gift for anyone who wants to keep the recipient happy and healthy -what better gift is there? These trackers can monitor sleeping patterns, steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure and more.


You can even battle your spouse or parent when you get your own. Who can take the most steps? Who can lose the most weight? Who can get the most workout sessions in? It’s a great incentive to stay in touch and get healthy as a family. Here’s a list of the best fitness trackers available right now from Photo courtesy of


Refurbished PC or Professional Check Up: If your grad doesn’t have a computer in great working condition, they need one, STAT. Not just because they’ve accomplished something very special by graduating, but because they will need a fully functional computer for college or their professional career.


You don’t have to break the bank to get them this necessity. Friendly PC refurbished PCs start at just $249 and custom built desktops start at $669. We go over exactly what your grad needs this system to do, and make sure everything is in place.

If your grad already has a computer, get it in to the store so we get it working at maximum capacity and speed. There are several things we can do to speed up a computer, clean it out and get it working like the day they started that bad boy up. Photo courtesy of

Custom Gaming System: All work and no play will make Jack drop of college. Kidding! But this is a big accomplishment, maybe something fun is in order. Gaming is a lot more than it used to be. Gaming has actually become a really effective way for people to stay in touch.


Now, a big part of gaming lies in the communication between players. This means your out of state grad can play with dad or his best friend online. They’re talking, they’re having fun and your grad doesn’t have to feel so far from home. Friendly PC can build you a custom gaming system for a lot less than you’d probably think. Give us a call for more info.

Amazon Prime Membership: This is a must for every grad, especially since students get 6 months free. There’s no reason not to get signed up. We see far too many people underutilizing their Prime memberships. The main perks are two-day, free shipping on all Prime eligible items, free music, free cloud storage, free streaming tv and movies and a ton more.


Before your grad leaves, set up auto delivery for items like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, vitamins and face wash. You can even use the “Subscribe and Save” feature to save money on these auto deliveries. Set it and forget it -the items will arrive on their front door. Just that many more things they don’t have to worry about.