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Tech Giving Gift Guide

Tech Gift Giving Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the season of giving is upon us. Yay! And we all have them… those people that are impossible to buy for. If you’ve got an impossibly hard person to buy for and they also happen to be tech savvy, you, my friend, are in luck! Here are some of the best tech gifts of 2015.


Google OnHub Router by TP-Link
Basically, this is a router with a brain. One wouldn’t typically think a new router would make for a great gift, but Google thinks you’re wrong. This tower shaped device is intended to make managing your networks a breeze and from anywhere, might we add. The interface is super user friendly and you can spot network issues or even intruders right from your iOS or Android app.


Amazon $50 7-inch Fire Tablet

Can you say stocking stuffer?! This pocket sized tablet has everything you need to read books, play games, and watch your favorite shows. The best part? It’s only $50! If it’s not quite fancy enough for you, worry not, you can buy better screens and processors to jazz it up a bit.


Anker PowerPort 4 USB Charger

Give the gift of gadget-charging sanity this year! This portable little USB charger can conveniently charge all your must have gadgets right in one spot; no more“where’s my charger?” outbursts. Bonus: this charger will likely charge your gadgets faster than the chargers that originally came with them.


Sphero BB-8 Star Wars Droid

This is a real life Star Wars droid that you can take home… yes, you read that correctly. The BB-8 takes commands via smartphones and you can also yell things at it like “it’s a trap” and watch it run away, up to 5 miles per hour if you’d like. This cute little guy is sure to impress and please the Star Wars fanatic in your family.


Looq DG Selfie Stick

Whether you’re a fan or not, selfies are here to stay. So much so that the word itself has been added to the Dictionary. So we give you: the selfie stick. This stick is easy to hold, has a built in shutter button, extends to 42 inches to make sure everyone can get in the frame and is only $20. Stocking stuffer. Boom.


Automatic Connected Car Adapter

Can’t figure out why that annoying check engine light keeps coming on? The Automatic Connected Car Adapter can tell you why! This small adapter fits into the data port usually located right under the steering wheel of your car. Connecting to your phone via bluetooth, this handy device can tell you things like what kind of gas mileage you’re getting and you can even export the data into an expense management system. Pretty spiffy.


Don’t forget that your friends at Friendly PC have an assortment of different gaming systems, desktops, and laptops that would also make perfect holiday gifts! Stop by today and take a look-see!