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5016 S 108th St, Omaha, NE 68137

The 5 Best Tech Gifts for Dad

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, so we decided to offer a little help this year in our area of expertise -tech! Here is a short list of some great Dad’s Day tech finds. We wanted a list of inexpensive tech gifts that he’ll actually use, and here it is…



Tile offers a really affordable, really convenient way to keep track of the stuff you just can’t live without. Simply attach a Tile to anything you’d like to track, and an app on your phone will tell you exactly where it is. Your keys, wallet and purse are now unlosable! If you wanted to, you could attach one to the remote or even your kiddo’s shoe. Tile’s are tough, water resistant and you can even share tracking with others so it’s a team effort to find the missing item. As the signal leads you closer to the item, the Tile will play a melody until the item is found.

Wireless Earbuds


Let’s help dad trade in his old Walkman headphones for a little more freedom when he’s working out, or working on a project. Wireless earbuds run off of Bluetooth, so there are no annoying cords in the way. Depending on quality, you spend as little as $25, or as much as a couple hundred, for the really nice sets.

Smartphone Fish Finder


This is the latest and greatest in military grade fish finders. This tiny little floating gadget can map out the area of water it’s in and identify where the fish are hanging out. Then, the FishHunter sends data via bluetooth that can be read on a great display through the app. This particular brand has a Father’s Day special for just $140. Pretty cool huh?

Grill Alert Talking Meat Thermometer


Even a blue ribbon grill master can mess up a steak when he gets to talkin’. Help dad get in some more social time during barbeques this summer with a grill alert meat thermometer. This is one of those set it and forget it tools, and it’s pretty awesome! Dad will select the meat type, the preferred cooking temp, and then walk away. The wireless belt-clip monitor will announce when the meat is perfectly cooked. A stainless steel probe tracks the meat temperature, for a perfectly cooked entree, every time, without the grill hovering.

Professional Overhaul of his Computer


How many calls have you gotten about Dad’s computer not working? Just take care of it for him and get a professional overhaul of his computer. So much of our communication is done online, and when our parent’s computer’s don’t work properly, they can get left out of the loop. It’s a cheap, practical and thoughtful gift.

Do you have any questions about getting dad a new computer, gaming system or upgrade on his older electronics? We can help eliminate viruses or just show him around his computer. We’re here to help, so give us a call at 402-965-3300. Happy Father’s Day, dads!