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The Most Popular Tech Gifts of 2021

Every holiday season, there are a few tech trends and gifts that become wildly popular. So much so that they sell out everywhere and can be hard to get your hands on. In this blog, we will break down the top selling tech gifts of 2021, and give our opinion on whether or not they are worth the investment. As always, no matter the technology, if you need any kind of tech support, we are here to help. Now let’s get into it!

Apple iPhone 13

It is no secret that Apple is always releasing the latest and greatest smartphones. This year was no exception, as Apple recently released their line of Apple iPhone 13s. This line includes the 13 pro, 13 mini, and the regular iPhone 13. With these new phones you can expect longer battery life, cinematic cameras, improved screen quality, and seamless video recording. You can get all of these features and more starting at just $799. This price is pretty comparable to previous iPhone releases. It is on the more expensive side compared to their Android competitors, but if you are part of the Apple family, we definitely think an iPhone 13 is a great investment.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch gaming console has been wildly popular and successful for a while now, and we don’t see it dying down anytime soon.. After a shortage last year left most people scrambling, it has gotten a little easier to find one recently. That’s partly due to a slight decrease in demand, but also because Nintendo released an upgraded, OLED-screen version of the Switch for $350. Even though Nintendo released an updated version of the Switch, the original is still a great bang for your buck. You can shop the  original Switch starting at $300.

Oculus Quest 2

You may have heard us talking about virtual and augmented reality in our last blog about 2022 technology trends. Virtual reality has been on the rise for a while, and the Oculus Quest 2 is just the latest headset in the industry. Susanna Pollack, president of Games for Change, told us Quest 2 is a great gift for the avid gamer. “It offers a premium consumer experience in virtual reality, with stunning visuals and controls that let you interact naturally,” she says. Oculus has a whole line of VR headsets. From the Oculus Go, to the Rift, to the original Oculus Quest, to now the Oculus Quest 2. You can shop the latest Oculus Quest 2 starting at just $299. In our opinion, this is a great investment in the future of technology.
These are just three of the technology gift trends that we saw this 2021 holiday season. Were you gifted any of these? Or did you give any of them? We would love to hear your thoughts on these tech gadgets. Whether you are a tech consumer or a business owner with technology questions, our Friendly Managed Services are always here to help – even when it comes to these wild new technology trends. Contact us today!