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Turning Your Computer Off and On Again Didn’t Work: Now What?

The phrase “Have you tried turning it off and on again” has become an insider IT joke. The UK television show “The IT Crowd” famously shows the cast repeating the phrase dozens of times a day as the first step anytime the office receives a call. The humor comes from the fact that sometimes it really is the easiest way to solve a myriad of computer problems. 

But, what happens when punching the power button doesn’t work and you’re still facing the same problem? It’s likely time to find an expert repair technician who can help you understand what the real problem is. 

Mixed up Graphics or a Blank Monitor

A common problem you might run into, especially on older computers and monitors, is jumbled up graphics. When you boot up your computer or monitor to see that your screen looks … wrong, or it’s blank, there’s likely a more complex issue than the device simply being “frozen”. 

If restarting your device doesn’t solve the problem, your next step is to try another monitor and check if the problem continues on the new display. If the new display lights up fine and the screen looks normal, your issue is with the original monitor. Your next step is to take your computer and/or monitor to your local computer repair shop and get their expert advice on repairing it.

Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death is an error message notifying you that your computer had to stop forcefully due to a serious malfunction. Rebooting your computer is probably not going to solve the issue. After the shock of seeing your computer take what looks like a dying breath, your first step is to jot down the STOP code that appears on the screen. The code will give an expert an idea of what is causing your computer to shut down and put you that much closer to getting back to work.

Unknown Issue

If you are unsure what is causing your computer issue, you could spend hours diligently googling high and low for a fix you can do yourself. If you do happen to have some technological know-how, you may even try replacing components of your machine. While your persistence and effort may give you an idea of the problem, it’s okay to call in the experts. 

At Friendly PC Omaha, we have experience diagnosing and repairing nearly every possible computer problem. Better yet, we have the tools to make fixing those problems quick and much easier than most DIY solutions you’ll find on the web. Contact us today and schedule your remote support appointment or drop your computer off at our local shop.