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Video Gaming Consoles: Which one Should you Choose?

Video Game Consoles – Which one Should you Choose?

Gaming; it’s all the rage these days! Well, for most people anyways. If you haven’t jumped on the gaming bandwagon or if you’re looking to switch up your gaming lifestyle and not sure which gaming console to use, let Friendly PC help you out!


Before we get into specific gaming consoles, know that there are different types of consoles you can use; home consoles and handheld consoles. Pretty self explanatory, but home consoles are dedicated consoles that are connected in your house and handheld are, as the name implies, handheld and offer the convenience of being portable. Now that we’ve stated the obvious, lets dig into which gaming console you should choose!


The Most Popular Gaming Consoles of 2015

If we’re going to recommend purchasing a new gaming console to you, then we’re obviously going to recommend the most popular ones; because let’s face it, popular opinion matters these days. No one wants to buy something that got a one star review over something that received five.


Home Consoles:

  • Sony PlayStation 4 ranks at the top of the list according to CNET. It’s high ranking can be attributed to its awesome graphics, near perfect controller, and smart interface. They range in price anywhere from around $350 – $1,000; you can check prices here. This console also doubles as a Blu-Ray player and a solid streaming box.


  • Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim is the latest PS3 and also the smallest version. But don’t let its size fool you; it offers everything users like and more. It boasts a great gaming library, and solid array of streaming services like Netflix, Vudu, Amazon and NFL Sunday Ticket. Prices range from $250 – $450, you can check prices here.


  • Microsoft Xbox One will likely serve as your all in one media hub. You can play excellent games, access Skype, record cable TV and use other streaming services. It’s a great family video game console that will provide entertainment for years to come. You can snag this console straight from the site for only $350.


Handheld Consoles:

  • Nintendo 3DS XL offers a big screen and tons of great games. For all you parents, this handheld gaming console is the most kid friendly one out there and it’s sturdy, too, so don’t fret when the little one fumbles with it. You can get this console for as little as $10 or for up to $250, take a look at pricing options here.


  • Nintendo 2DS is a great gaming system for beginners or younger gamers that are not interested in the 3D visuals. It boasts a 4GB SD card and performs as the aforementioned 3D version (save for 3D). It’s also a very affordable console ranging from $100 – $300.


  • Sony PlayStation Vita is going to be your most advanced mobile gaming console. It has great visuals, an impressive 5” OLED touchscreen that gives the PS3 graphics a run for their money. It has an awesome lineup of indie games and also allows for downloading of some games over the PlayStation network. It fits like a glove in your hand and has a long battery life; perfect for when you’re on the go. You can get this gaming console anywhere from $200 – $265.


While there are a plethora of different gaming consoles out there, this should get you started in the right direction. Obviously, you know what you like and have your own preferences so make sure you do your due diligence in your search before you commit to any one console. Afterall, you are going to be making both a time and a financial investment. If you have any questions, as always, call a friend not a geek 🙂