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What Is a Friendly Managed Service Provider and Why You Need One.

A Managed Service Provider, also known as MSP, is your go-to for managing your business’ IT infrastructure. They offer a computing framework platform that allows organizations to remotely manage their customer’s servers, firewalls, exchange servers and more from one centralized console! With one point of contact, one bill, and best-in-class technology from leading vendors, you can grow your business without worrying about an overwhelmed IT team. Friendly Managed Services experts are there to support you as needed, providing superb reliability. Now that we know what a Managed Service Provider is, let’s break down why it is important for your business to have one.

Why Your Business Needs a Managed Service Provider

One of the greatest incentives to partner with a managed services provider is its extreme cost-effectiveness. With managed services, organizations can reduce operational cost, conserve capital budget, and overall lower IT operating expenses. Since the majority of managed service providers operate on a subscription basis, you can expect a consistent and familiar bill every month. Clients of managed service providers typically pay only for the services they need, rather than for expensive packages with extraneous services they will never use. 

As a business grows, employees may be required to take on an ever-expanding scope of IT responsibilities which fall outside of their original job descriptions. As IT responsibilities increase, it becomes more difficult for employees to focus on their primary job duties. Having an on hand managed service provider, like Friendly Managed Services, assures that your company can continue to grow steadily, without worrying about who may take on the extra IT work that comes along with the growth.

Are You Considering Outsourcing IT Services?

If the above benefits peak your interest, we would love to chat with you about our Friendly Managed Services! Friendly Managed Services offer everything from security, continuity, infrastructure, and daily IT solutions. Ready to get started? Give our office a call at (402)965-3300 or schedule a consultation online to save 25% off your set-up fee!