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What to do With Old Electronics

It’s that time of year; a lot of you probably got new electronic gadgets for Christmas. You may think that your old devices are worthless, but surprisingly, they can be quite valuable! Let Friendly PC help you make an effort to reduce your electronic waste this season by providing you with an alternative to trashing your old electronics because trashing it or sending it to landfill is the absolute worst choice you could make. So don’t.


Reduce, reuse, recycle! Electronic waste can be quite toxic. Not only do electronics make for particularly bad waste, they could contain precious and rare materials; materials that can be used to produce new devices. So before you toss your old gadgets into the trash, make sure you’ve checked to see if there is a more responsible and sensible way to dispose of your device. For example, any local Goodwill will gladly take your old, intact, computer, regardless of what age or condition it’s in and either sell it or recycle it’s parts. You can find a donation center near you by clicking the link here.


Upcycling is the process by which you take a used item and turn it into something else. However, when it comes to technology, the need for change and the tech-minded to upgrade creates for a perpetuating cycle of consumption. This creates for tons of old tech and devices just laying around waiting to be upcycled! There are actually plenty of things you can do with your old computer… like turning your old monitor into a fishtank! Seriously, read the how-to here.


You’re probably used to donating clothing or food, but many places will actually accept your electronics, too. For instance, you can donate your old cell phone(s) to the Women’s Center for Advancement in Omaha to help women in need. You could also give your old electronics to friends or family members or you could post them on sites like Craigslist where someone else might find them useful.


Usually, if your electronic device is in good condition or in working order, it will be easy to sell; you can sell your gadgets on sites like ebay. Or, you can sell your old iPad on any of these 5 websites. Craigslist, like we mentioned earlier, will also allow you to sell goods.

Generally, any electronic device can be recycled, upcycled, or sold. Whatever you decide to do with your old electronics, make sure you are disposing of them responsibly. And when you’re in the need for new, remember: why call a geek when you can call a friend! 🙂