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Why Custom Build a Computer?

As Omaha’s leading computer customization experts, we get this question a lot. We find that most of our customers have a lot of misconceptions about the cost, necessity and value of customization. We’d like to clear a few things up about buying a name brand computer vs investing in a custom built machine.

“But Store Bought Computers Have All the Bells and Whistles…”

As it turns out, a majority of the bells and whistles that big name, store bought computers come with, don’t really end up benefiting the user. You might play around with some of the software or programs that your computer came with for a few weeks, but ultimately, you will likely find that you don’t need them. Even if you find you do need a program, it is probably a demo or the software licensing expires after a period of time.

Aren’t Custom Built Computers Just for Gamers?

While custom computers are big in the gaming community, customization is simply a way to tailor a product and make it better for the individual user. Because gamers tend to be more tech savvy, they understand the benefits of custom tech, and are willing to invest in better technology.

Isn’t Customization Expensive?

The words “custom built” will often raise red flags in a customer’s mind. Without looking into comparisons, they will often assume that customization comes with a large sticker price. Not true! That being said, you can’t beat the price of lower end computers. The manufacturers buy those parts by the thousands and have cheap labor for assembly. However, when you buy a cheap computer, you get a cheap computer.

We find that once you get into the $800+ range, a custom built computer is far more cost effective. You can get higher quality parts with better warranties. The same goes for the programs and software you choose. You get exactly what you need, at a lower cost with higher performance and the peace of mind of excellent warranties.

Computers are now a household item; a necessity of everyday life. Because of their ubiquity, they are being mass produced at a lower and lower cost, at lower and lower quality. We always like to steer our customers away from a machine we know will end up costing them more in the long run. We can help you find the perfect price range and type of computer that is right for you, whether we build it, or help you select one. Call Friendly PC in Omaha for more information at 402-965-3300.