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Windows 7 Losing Support (Updated for 2019)

Windows 7 was released over a decade ago and millions of user systems still rely on the outdated operating system. Microsoft recently announced Windows 7 is officially losing support beginning January 14, 2020.

What does losing support mean?

Losing support sounds scary, but what it really means is if you’re still using Windows 7 on a desktop or tablet, there will be no new updates or technical support for the system after January 14, 2020.

What happens if I continue to use Windows 7?

No one will stop you from continuing to use Windows 7. Your computer will still turn on, work normally and have all the capabilities it had previously. However, because there will be no new security updates or patches to the Windows 7 operating system, your computer will become more vulnerable to security risks and if the device becomes infected with malware, or a technical problem occurs, Microsoft will not offer any support to help solve those problems.

Can I still install and activate Windows 7?

Yes. If you absolutely must stick with Windows 7 you will still be able to install and activate it after January 14, 2020, but because of the increased security risk, Friendly PC and Microsoft don’t suggest it.

What should I do now?

Your best course of action is to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most recent version of the Windows operating system. As of January 2019, Windows 10 is more popular than Windows 7. If you haven’t upgraded yet, Friendly PC can help you through the Windows 10 upgrade process with three separate options!

Windows 10 upgrade options

Can I keep using Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer is considered a component of the Windows 7 OS, which means it will be affected by the same end-of-life date. The Microsoft Edge browser has taken over for Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

Already made the switch to Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes packed with many features and ways to tweak and improve your personal experience.