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You Haven’t Upgraded to Windows 10? What Are You Waiting For?

Windows 10 was released nearly a year ago and over 350 million systems are using the updated operating system. If you haven’t upgraded yet, what are you waiting for? Ok, we know there were some scary reports about people having trouble upgrading. The good news is, Friendly PC can help you through the upgrade process! Others might have some concerns about privacy, but you can disable any usage tracking features you might have issues with. What really matters when it comes to software? Speed, security, and interface – and Windows 10 does a great job with all of them.

One of the great perks of Windows 10 is its speed – its quick start-up time can even leave MacOS users in the dust. The new operating system is particularly great for games where speed is essential. The security is great, too – ensuring that any code that runs right when the OS starts be signed by Microsoft or the hardware maker. This feature cannot be bypassed. This can help prevent malware and other viruses. It even includes things such as information protection which offers fire-level encryption and protection of your data, even when it is at rest.

Personal assistant Cortana is improving, as well. If you are not familiar, Cortana is a “digital agent.” Cortana is type- or voice-activated and will perform a series of tasks after directed to do so. Cortana has the ability to perform actions based on a specific event – just like an IFTTT reminder. Saying “Remind me to ask about grandma’s recipe the next time she calls” will create a reminder that appears the next time you call your grandma or she calls you. Cortana can track packages, send emails, set reminders, and perform searches. With the new update, Cortana will now be available on your lock screen.

If you are a gamer, you’ll love the integration of the Xbox app in Windows 10. Within the app, you can track your achievements and your friends. Any of your favorite games – old and new –  are likely compatible. The latest summer updates for your Xbox are integrating more and more with the Windows 10 platform. The first big addition is the voice-activated Cortana digital assistant. There are Xbox-specific features, such as the ability to find new games, start a party, and turn on the Xbox One. You can stream games from the console to your PC with the new Xbox Play Anywhere program. Microsoft’s feature makes select games playable on your PC and Xbox One, and you can save your game across either device.  

The benefits of Windows 10 far outweigh the hesitations. It has increased security, personalization, speed, and overall usability. Unfortunately, the free upgrade ended July 29th, but you’ll want to be a part of all of these great updates. Contact us today to help with your upgrade!