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Your Data Backup Options

Options to backup your personal or professional files, pictures, data, music and programs were previously limited to onsite storage options like external hard-drives, flash-drives (also called thumb-drives) or CDs. However, times have changed and so have the options you’ve got available to protect your work.

Cloud storage or online backups have quickly become a norm for many people. But why choose an online backup system over always having your files and work within an arm’s reach? In any case, it’s essential to have some form of protection as the costs of data loss can be sever. With the right backup system you can save yourself the heartache of losing one-of-a-kind photos of your loved ones, or continue to serve your customers effectively after a disaster hits.

Both cloud storage and on-site backups have their advantages, and each has their own problems to consider before you commit to storing your sensitive information in one spot.

Cloud Backups

Accessing your files is simple and smooth with online backups. There are numerous platforms that allow you to save and access your information again from any smart device, and from any location with an internet connection. There’s no need to learn how to run a server or maintain or update any programs. It can be as simple as dragging and dropping.

Online backup services are capable of scanning your files to detect sensitive information, securing them with powerful encryption and even locking them up behind user roles and permissions when needed.

Most online services are subscription based with varying tiers of services offered. It’s important to carefully review your storage and scheduling needs before signing up, then match those to the online backup service you are considering, as most service tiers also vary the amount of data that can be stored and how many devices can be backed up.

On-site Backups (Local Backups)

Backups to a physical device have the added protection against malicious online attacks. Hackers, or persons trying to steal your information are simply removed as a threat because there is no online connection required with an external hard drive or other physical device.

The speed at which you can back up your files on a local drive is not limited by internet connectivity nor by services available on a monthly subscription. Backups can be run in just a few minutes and as often as needed.

Consider your pocket-book wisely. An effective personal local backup system can cost hundreds of dollars, while a business solution can easily cost tens of thousands for the physical system itself, not to mention the added time and cost of maintenance to prevent hard-drive failure.

Which to Choose?

Your choice must match your needs. Every user is different. For most personal users an online backup system is preferred for its simplicity, lack of upkeep and required attention. However, small businesses and their larger counterparts have reason to make different choices. A local business may function well within the limits of an online backup subscription, while storage capacity required by companies with a national reach can exceed those subscriptions many times over.

Whatever your choice, we can help make protecting and recovering your data as Friendly as possible. Drop off your PC at our store, or if you’re short on time we can pay you visit.